Sealing Lagoons

Sealing Sewage and Wastewater lagoons

ESS-13 is pumped or poured directly into the water at a pre-determined application rate. The seepage in your pond will decrease 60% to 90% initially, and this original rate will continue to improve with time.

Waterborne Method

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The ESS-13 “Spray-On Formulation” can save 75% or more off the installation costs of other lake sealing methods.

Spray-On Method

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ESS-13 is pre-mixed with our E-13 compaction aid, pumped in pre-measured quantities into the soil with conventional earth moving equipment. The treated soil is then compacted in two consecutive six inch layers.

Treated and Compacted Method

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Sewage Lagoons

Cimarron Sewage LagoonCimarron Sewage Lagoon, City of Cimarron
Cimarron, Kansas Winter of 1998
Two lagoons (15 acres) empty, One lagoon (5 acres) full

Seepage Control, Inc. was contacted for this lagoon project when bentonite clay mixed with the native soil failed to meet the required permeability rate. The small cell was tested with fresh water after bentonite was added to the soil. When the results did not meet specifications, Seepage Control, Inc. was hired to add ESS-13 directly to the water under a fresh layer of ice! After three weeks the lagoon was refilled with fresh water and the results exceeded permeability requirements. At that time, the lagoon was put in use.

The two larger lagoons used ESS-13 mixed with the soil to create a 12 inch treated and compacted soil barrier. The ESS-13 was sprayed on the soil using a water truck. Because of the large, flat surface the mixing disc was able to follow the water truck through the whole lagoon. The compactor was able to follow the disc as well. This efficient operation yielded an average of over three acres per day sealed -- start to finish. In addition, no cover was needed to protect the seal. This resulted in a substantial savings compared to a plastic liner. When the lagoons were filled, the testing showed this. ESS-13 application greatly exceeded the requirements for a sealed sewage lagoon.

Wastewater Treatment

Lone Butte Waste Water Treatment PlantLone Butte Waste Water Treatment Plant Sewage Lagoon
Chandler, AZ

The Lone Butte WWTP is located in Chandler AZ, and operated by the City of Glendale, AZ. In 2001, work was done to improve structures on site. The upper slopes of the lagoon needed to be rebuilt. Seepage Control, Inc. was contracted to fix exfiltration losses in excess of ¼” per day at a 10 foot water depth. Soil testing revealed the available material on site to be of a clayey sand composition. ESS-13 was applied in a Treated and Compacted method using two 6” lifts over a 50,000 cubic foot area.

This project is a successful example of using ESS-13 for post-construction repairs.

Pingree Grove Waste Water Treatment PlantVillage of Pinegree Grove, Wastewater Treatment
Pingree Grove, IL

Comprised of more than 1,000 acres and currently planned to include 2,519 homes in an absolutely unique master planned community setting, Cambridge Lakes (aptly named as the current plan calls for 14 lakes totaling over 60 acres in size) will not only become our flagship community, but the flagship development in the entire Chicago area. In fact, by virtue of building Cambridge Lakes we are not only creating a new large-scale community, but virtually an entire village.

This community developed its own wastewater treatment plant to serve the development. The waste water pond covers 34 acres, with a maximum depth of 12 feet. A combination of the Treat and Compact method and the Spray-on method were utilized to minimize construction costs. Seepage Control, Inc. treated the banks and sections of the bottom to accommodate for the wet conditions. Soil conditions were a silty sandy clay. The pond is online now and holding great.


Rio Salado WetlandsRio Salado Environmental Restoration, City of Tempe
Tempe, AZ

The Rio Salado project is located just Northeast of Tempe Town Lake in Tempe, AZ. This was a wetland project overseen by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Seepage Control, Inc. partnered with Macro-Z-Technologies of Santa Ana, CA to develop an environmental, aesthetic watershed solution.

The wetland covers approximately 140,000 sq.ft., is almost 8 ft deep, and holds about a million gallons of water. The native soil was determined to be sandy clay with trace gravel. Seepage Control, Inc. recommended a Treat and Compact method combined with a Spray-on treatment because of the nature of the soil. Lab tests showed a hydraulic conductivity of 3.5 x 10-6 cm/s from the Treat and Compact only. After combining this with a Spray-on treatment the hydraulic conductivity was reduced to 5.9x10-7 cm/s.

This project is a successful example of using less than acceptable soil to create a beautiful sealed wetland.